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The Wanderer above the Mists 1817-18

Caspar David Friedrich

The Wanderer above the Mists 1817-18 - Caspar David Friedrich -

Title:The Wanderer above the Mists 1817-18
Painted by:Caspar David Friedrich
Location:Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany
Dimensions:29.13 inch wide x 37.01 inch high

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I feel life is like this picture, Im standing in front of my doubts every day.That is art.-
Posted by esteban on 15.October 2009, 13:32

Amazingly beautiful picture...
Wanderer above the mist
Posted by Raphael on 5.February 2010, 00:58

This is a beautiful work of caspar david friedrich!

Posted by busra on 29.March 2010, 05:37

I like this very much.

Posted by Carl on 18.October 2010, 07:07

The fantastic painting ignites my imagination. A unique and arcane piece of art.

Posted by Aaron on 22.March 2011, 14:21

I get the sense that he feels alone. Like the world is against him. He just wants answers.

Posted by Hannah on 18.February 2012, 13:51

How many of us have felt like this wanderer, standing solitary on a rock, contemplating the fogginess and uncertainty of the immediate future, but seeing a glimmer of hope out in the clearer distance? This profoundly allegorical painting contains so much more than brush stroke technique. It invites us to gaze along with the wanderer and feel what he feels through the sheer beauty of nature.

Posted by Vicki on 12.March 2012, 05:17

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