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Monastery Graveyard In The Snow

Caspar David Friedrich

Monastery Graveyard In The Snow - Caspar David Friedrich -

Title:Monastery Graveyard In The Snow
Painted by:Caspar David Friedrich

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hauntingly beautiful scene in true romanticist style. Truly a masterpiece of the genre.
monastery graveyard in the snow
Posted by lucile myers on 27.November 2010, 01:23

I think this is the best of all Friedrich's work. So much so that I drew it myself and it's now on my wall at home. Wish I could have seen the real thing!
Snowy Cloister
Posted by Grace McCarron on 24.April 2011, 08:26

Check out matte artist Raphael-Lacoste & how the scenes relate. Wild.

Posted by margaret on 6.March 2012, 12:57

I also think this is the best piece of artwork by Casper David. I painted it and it is now on my wall.
monastary graveyard
Posted by michele wright on 24.April 2012, 00:31

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